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Date added: 01/27/2011 How to Put the Dell Streak In to Fast Boot Mode and install The Drivers

How to Put the Dell Streak In to Fast Boot Mode and install The Drivers for FAST BOOTto Unlock 2.2 Froyo via Remote Unlock Server


Video Demo 


1. Download Dell PC Suite and install it for Dell Streak for 2.2 OS before starting this tutorial.

The Button's on the Dell Streak.


How to put Streak in Fast Boot Mode

1 Remove the battery from your Streak, then put it back in and put the battery cover on.

2. Hold down the camera shutter button and press the power button.


3. When the Streak boots, the standard Dell splash screen will show just long enough to see it before being replaced by a white screen with a number pad and some other text on it.

Tap on "Fastboot" in the top right corner of the screen.

4. A new white screen will appear with the words "Wait for USB Fastboot detect" in the bottom left corner.


Wait about 10 seconds and plug the Streak into your computer.

5. "Fastboot_Mode" should appear on the Streak's screen. If it does, skip to step 6 Below where you need to install the driver manually.

Dell Streak Fastboot Drivers

In order to get your PC to recognize the Streak as a "fastboot device" you will need to do the following.

This Can be done before v2.2 Froyo unlock is started or installed during the Unlock Process when the Software promts you to enter the phone in fast boot mode and connect.

Open the Device Manager (Computer > System Properties)Right Click on "Android 1.0 Device" (which should have an error notice on it)



Select "Update Driver" Select Manual, then "Choose a Driver from list" Choose Android Device > Android 1.0

  • Select Manual, then "Choose a Driver from list"

  • Select Manual, then "Choose a Driver from list"

  • Choose Android Phone

Choose Android ADB Interface

Driver Will Start To Install

When You see the Update driver Warning Press YES

Driver is now installed for Fast Boot

Now Your Ready to press OK on the Unlock Software once you have installed the Fast Boot Driver.

Download the Fast Boot Drivers Here 

Video Guide How to Install Fast Boot Drivers

Demo Video of Unlocking Process for Dell Streak 2.2 Froyo


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Q How Can i Unlock My Streak Smart Phone to use with a networt

A Yes you can unlock the Dell Streak from home via Paid Remote software unlock client and a Valid Paid Licence.

Q Do i need to send the Dell Streak  phone in the Post to you ?

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