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2 Rebel Simcard II + 1 Rebel Pro Programmer + 1 Cutter Dell Streak Unlock [CLONE]

Varenr: Rebel-Dell-value-deal

Pris: £49.99

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Contents :
Rebel Simcard II - 2 Units, Ready Programmed With V1.2 Firmware
Rebel Pro Full sixe Programmer - 1 Unit
Pro Sim Adapter - i Unit
Rebel Cutter - 1 Unit,

This is a Pro Package and to program rebel simcards the full size programmer makes it very easy to do with the Pro sim Adapter thats included

Are you in need of Unlocking your mobile phone ?


With the 2 Rebel Sim II Unlock Cards you can unlock 1000 of phones including models from HTC Blackberry LG Apple iphone 3G (up to v2.2.1) Sony Ericsson Sharp Toshiba Motorolas Palms and many more. See the Blog and Videos Page of Examples of Unlocking Using Rebel Simcard II.

The most versatile unlocking tool and Great value as the simcard can be reused on diffrent model of phones. No loss of Warranty. No need to modify software to unlock your phone. No Cable needs to attached to the phones.

Rebel simcard II can be updated to new firmware updates in the future and can be programmed back to Factory Settings at home. User Manual can be downloaded here.

Do You want to be able to update the firmware on the Rebel Simcard II from home in the near Future?

Now you can with the Rebel  Pro Programmer and full size sim adapter included in the Package on Windows XP&Vista 32 or 64 Bit editions. Included also is a Dummy Sim Adapter

Do you want to Cut your network sim in a safe way to use with rebel simcard II ?

Now you can with the Rebel Network simcard cutter thats included in the package

Only the Rebel Simcard II can unlock 1000;s of the Latest models of phones without loss of warranty and within Minutes and best of all without being a technical Guru and makes unlocking mobile phones child’s play.

Rebel Simcard II is a great Tool to use or to resell due to the Flexible nature & upgradable functions via firmwares we supply.

Through the use of the programmer thats supplied in these deals you can use any of the current 3 Applications we supply.

You can Choose how who you want to use the rebel simcard II and for which application by loading any of the firmwares on downloads page.

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